General: Under its Intellectual Property Policy, Masdar Institute is the copyright holder in theses; (I) that are funded by sponsored research or where the student has received financial support in the form of wages, salary, stipend or grant from funds administered by Masdar Institute; (II) where the thesis is subject to an agreement between Masdar Institute and a third party; or (III) where a thesis is developed through research that utilizes equipment or facilities under conditions which impose copyright restrictions (ex. use of an e-database licensed to Masdar Institute with copyright restrictions; uses of certain equipment that limit rights in software e.g. imaging equipment). 

Publication of Institute-owned Theses: Where a student wishes to submit a thesis to a journal for publication, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will ensure there are no publication restrictions that have not been met. The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) will work with the publisher on an appropriate publishing agreement. Masdar Institute will avoid assigning copyright to the publisher whenever possible. 

Student-owned Copyrights: Where a student owns the copyright in his/her thesis, the student grants to Masdar Institute a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce and publicly distribute copies of the thesis.  All students grant publication rights or assignment of copyright to publishers and must reserve Masdar Institute’s right to disseminate the thesis for academic use.

Sponsor Rights in Theses: Masdar Institute’s practice is to avoid assignment of copyright in theses to research sponsors. Under its standard agreements, Masdar Institute grants sponsors a non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license to copyrights, including theses, and a limited term (usually not beyond 60 days) right of review prior to publication. Publishing agreements for theses must recognize rights of use granted to research sponsors where they apply. In some cases sponsors may be granted an option for an exclusive license to copyrights.  If the license includes rights to a thesis, Masdar Institute will retain rights to use and distribute the thesis for purposes of education and research. 


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