Library Mission

The Masdar Institute Library supports the mission of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology to pursue excellence in education and to support a diverse learning community. The Library is committed to the Institute’s goals, which include;

  • The advancement of knowledge, science and technology, and scholarship.
  • Lifelong learning in partnership with scholarly and professional communities both local and international.

The framework of the Library enhances graduate and professional programs through active library liaison, engagement and faculty support.

The mission of Masdar Institute’s Library is to:

  • Support the learning and research programs of Masdar Institute;
  • Facilitate Masdar Institute’s pursuit of excellence in tertiary education and the development of its diverse knowledge-based community; 
  • Advance Masdar Institute’s achievements in the domain of applied science, technology, scholarship and life-long learning; and
  • Be a hub of knowledge creation in partnership with academic and research communities at the national and international levels.

To realize this mission, the Masdar Institute Library strives to:

  • Build, organize, and provide physical and virtual access to the e-resources and online services that are essential to learning, teaching, and the research activities of students, faculty and researchers. 
  • Support students and faculty with information resources relevant to their respective programs and courses.
  • Maintain the physical and technological infrastructure, along with the human capital that is necessary to encourage use of its extensive library collection and services.
  • Equip students with real-world information research skills in order for them to become 21st century knowledge workers.

Library Vision

The Library will work to position Masdar Institute as a top-tier research institution by providing its faculty and student body with outstanding resources and services. The Library will support and serve the mission of Masdar Institute to prepare and equip future leaders to change the world. The Library vision aims to:

  • Make the Masdar Institute Library a reputable leader among academic libraries in the region and the intellectual heart of Masdar Institute through the facilitation of research.
  • Engage students and faculty in their learning and research environments by providing them with pertinent information.
  • Empower students and faculty through the quality of our collections, innovative services and people-friendly spaces.
  • Create a knowledge-base through which students and faculty can search and find their required resources to facilitate a research and learning environment.

Library Objectives

The services and programs of the Masdar Institute Library have been designed according to Masdar Institute’s curricula and main objectives. Therefore, the Library continuously focuses on updating its collection and services to meet the needs of Masdar Institute’s faculty, students and research programs. As a result, the Library has focused on the following objectives:

  • Increase the budget for the Library collections.
  • Work with the Masdar Institute faculty to enhance the process of selecting print and electronic titles for the Library collection.
  • Market the Library’s services through different channels to encourage reading among students and community users.
  • Provide students with the best literacy programs.


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